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Unhappy Meals marlo marketing

Unhappy Meals

Image Source: Burger King

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, first observed in 1949 to educate the public on mental illness and mental health, as well as remove the stigma around mental health. This year, an unlikely brand is making a stand as a supporter of mental health: Burger King.

That’s right, the home of the Whopper is partnering with Mental Health America to bring attention to the importance of mental health – while taking a jab at its main competitor, McDonald’s. As of May 1, Burger King is offering five varieties of “Real Meals” to go up against McDonald’s Happy Meals. Burger King’s message is that it’s okay to not always be happy and people can #FeelYourWay, a riff of their classic slogan, “Have It Your Way.”

While each Real Meal contains the same Whopper, fries and drink meal, they are available in different colored boxes with illustrations of mouths (playing off the smile on the McDonald’s Happy Meal box) based on whatever mood you’re in. Feeling sad? You might opt for the Blue Meal, which is a blue box with a frowning mouth. If you’re in a fantastic mood, order the Yaaas Meal featuring a purple box and an open, surprised mouth. The Salty Meal is a green box with an unimpressed, straight-across mouth; the Pissed Meal is red with an angry mouth, and the DGAF Meal is black with with its tongue out.

Sure, this is clearly just a marketing ploy, but I’m not opposed to burgers for a cause. So, if the “Unhappy Meals” help people accept that it’s okay to not be okay and alleviate the pressures from social media to show the perfectly curated happy life, then sign me up for a Yaaas Meal!

Posted by Sylvie