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Unpopular Opinion: The Bachelor Finale Didn’t Suck

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Unpopular Opinion: The Bachelor Finale Didn’t Suck

Image Source: The Washington Post 

Even if you’re not a fan of The Bachelor, you might have gotten wind about a certain fence jumping incident in last week’s finale.

In summary, Colton (zee bachelor) got dumped by Cassie (zee girl of his dreams) and was so heartbroken that he ran out of their stunning Portuguese villa, scaled an eight-foot fence, and escaped into the cold, dark night. When they finally found him, he adamantly said he was done with the show. Basically, a producer’s worst nightmare. You can picture them off-camera, frantically trying to calm him down like, “Um.. excuse me, Colton, it’s just… y’know, we have two hours of footage left to air.” Colton did not give a flying you know what. He proceeded to break up with the two remaining women so he could try and convince Cassie that she should love him back.

There have been a lot of opinions swirling around about this whole situation the consensus being that Colton’s actions were very immature because he ran away from his responsibilities and went after the girl who said she wasn’t in love with him and wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. I’d like to play devil’s advocate and argue that Colton’s behavior was WAY more mature than any of the other bozo bachelors, for two reasons:

1. Knowledge Will Give You Power, But Character Respect

The show has followed the same structured storyline since the very beginning. All plug and play. So in the finale, there are three women left and the Bachelor can invite each of them to spend the night with him in the fantasy suite. The women each prepare a speech, declaring their love for him, and the Bachelor, in turn, says “Thank you SO much.” As viewers, it’s pretty obvious at this point who he’s going to choose and, in the end, two women are blindsided and left brokenhearted. Colton, however, dropped the whole charade. He basically stuck his middle finger up to the whole institution and refused to play along. Once he realized it was Cassie he wanted, he was, and I quote, “Done.” The man chose to be honest instead of manipulating women for entertainment value. That’s a first in 23 seasons, folks.

2. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

When Colton showed up at Cassie’s door to profess his undying love for her, he said something that was so very, very simple yet so very, very rare: “I’m not telling you that I love you, I want to show you and I want you to see exactly why and how much I’m willing to give up and give to us.”

*drops mic*

So, it looks like Colton was definitely there for the right reasons, and although some fans were disappointed with no big proposal, the rest of us can appreciate reality television actually reflecting reality for once.

Posted by Abby