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Up, Up and Away with the Old

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Up, Up and Away with the Old

Image Source: Experience The Skies 

Flight attendants have no easy job. I am always impressed with their ability to live out of a suitcase, travel for hours handing out endless drinks and snacks and I admire their calm composure every time a screaming child seems to ruin everyone’s sleep and eardrums. I was shocked to find out that Virgin Atlantic Airlines had a mandatory makeup and dress code policy which recently changed for the better.

Once enforcing makeup guidelines and requiring that female flight attendants wear skirts, the well-known airline led by Sir Richard Branson changed its old-fashioned policy to fit the wants and needs of their employees, according to Fast Company. Female flight attendants now have the option of wearing makeup and will be given a pair of pants as part of their uniform instead of having to request them. As for male flight attendants, they too will have the option to wear whatever makes them feel best.

I was surprised that this policy was still in place in 2019, however, Virgin Airlines took a giant step in the right direction to show that hard work goes far beyond a made-up face and a little bit of leg, helping to erase the stigma that women need to look a certain way to do their job. Hopefully this will serve as a wake-up call to other businesses across all industries to get with the times.

As for me, I intern at a place run by some pretty boss women who don’t need to look Hollywood to get the job done and be successful, which is truly an amazing thing to witness. Here’s to female empowerment and to hopefully even more progress in time!

Posted by Sydnee