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Up, Up and Away

blue origin new shepard

Up, Up and Away

Image Source: Blue Origin

If you’re getting the travel itch due to months of quarantine, your next trip may take you out of this world…seriously. Blue Origin, the rocket firm founded by Amazon chief, Jeff Bezos, is promoting small experiments and space tourism on its New Shepard spacecraft. These flights run for as little as $8,000 and the system launched its most recent test on October 13th. Due to COVID-19, the spacecraft had not seen any action since December 2019, but the October 13th launch, which marked the thirteenth test so far, was successful.

New Shepard aims to make space travel and exploration accessible; so accessible that travelers can cross into space in just 11 minutes. Blue Origin is being pursued by NASA to fly astronauts and research scientists, and the company also hopes to fly paying tourists up into space. New Shepard is now open for early access pricing and booking — just fill out this form and you can get you and up to five friends on a waiting list.

The launch site for New Shepard is in West Texas, where a day of training will take place prior to the flight. Passengers will be familiarized with the aircraft and put through various simulations before boarding. Blue Origin will even help you capture high definition videos and photos from the flight. You can focus on the breathtaking views, freedom and experience of weightless. And, let’s be honest, you’ll make everyone jealous with some killer Instagram content!

Posted by Michaela