We Could All Use a Little Bit of Joy

Every morning I wake up with a little bit of the TODAY show and, for a long time now, my favorite anchor has been Hoda woman (shout out to Kathie Lee for the nickname). Last week she announced that she adopted a baby girl and it reminded me how much happiness there still is in the world. Listening to Hoda announce that she adopted Haley Joy literally brought tears to my eyes. Now maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for babies, but I think it’s because you can really hear the real happiness and excitement in Hoda’s voice as she talks about Haley Joy. So, just because I think we all need a little reminder here and there that there really is some pure goodness left in this world, I encourage you to check out Hoda Kotb announcing that she is now a MOM!



And the beautiful meaning behind her baby’s name.



Hoda, we wish you and little Haley Joy all the best.


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