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Vamped Up Botox

Vamped Up Botox

I once considered myself a die-hard Twi-hard, but I think I’ve reached my limit. I’ve been a vampire for Halloween three times over, hung a life size replica of Edward above my bed, and tried/failed to sneak in to the New Moon premier in Spain.  I thought these were all pretty intense Twilight enthusiast behaviors (you know what they say about being locked up abroad), but now there seems to be new ways to compete for the place as #1 Fan that go way above what I can contend. In the attempt to reach Cullen-style immortality, people are now injecting their own blood…into their face.

Self Serum Therapy, which is more commonly referred to as Dracula Therapy or Vampire Botox, is a procedure that is all the rage in the UK. (Perhaps they get their inspiration from dreamy bloodsucker English native Robert Patterson?) The idea is that a doctor takes a vial of your own blood, removes the red blood cells, adds amino acids and vitamins, then injects it back in to your face. This, says Dr. Daniel Sister, the doctor behind this creepy procedure, “stimulates DNA repair, heals scars and makes dry, wizened, wrinkled and lacklustre skin look and feel younger naturally, without the need for synthetic fillers or harsh and painful lasers or peels”. In simpler terms, we wouldn’t need to have Edward suck our blood to stay pretty and fresh!

Even though the procedure will not make one thirst for blood or sparkle in the sun, it does last longer than regular Botox, is not artificial, and costs roughly the same. So I guess that’s good news for Bella. With Vampire Botox, she doesn’t need to have Edward turn her into a vampire to stop her from growing old. It’s still bad news for us, however. Regardless of if we inject or not, we still have two more movies left to find out that he will never love us, despite how wrinkle-free our faces may be.

Posted by Amanda