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Venus in Wonderland? More like Venus in Crazyland

Venus in Wonderland? More like Venus in Crazyland

I’m not usually one to judge people on how they choose to dress and style themselves, but when things are taken way over-the-top at sporting events, I’ll be first in line.

If you haven’t noticed or seen this hideous piece of work Venus Williams recently designed and sported at the Australian Open, you’re in for an eyesore. While the tennis star is known for her over-the-top looks, I think this one crosses the line, literally…

This yellow, crisscrossed dress with the awkward length skirt is said by Venus herself to be influenced by Alice in Wonderland. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything resembling a fairytale-blonde girl in this dress (unless she’s referring to the Mad Hatter). The only thing I see is way too much skin for my liking.  It also raises the question of what exactly should be appropriate for athletic games/events. I personally think too-short dresses that constantly show more than necessary is taking things too far. When I’m watching a game, I actually want to watch what’s going on, not your ass all in my face because you decided to wear something that’s about 8 inches too short. By all means be innovative and whatnot, Venus, but do us all a favor and cover up what people don’t want to see.

Posted by Laima