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As I stated previously, I am a certified scaredy-cat who takes joy in inflicting horror upon myself. I have always been cautiously curious of the world beyond the one I was living in, often indulging in superstitious fads that are most likely not valid, but yet get my blood pumping.

I like to think my curiosity all started with the fad rituals of Bloody Mary and Blue Baby Blue. My elementary school basically experienced an epidemic of Bloody Mary, with 3rd graders locking themselves in the bathroom with their friends, turning off the lights and chanting her name over and over. While there may have been some rumors of Mary appearing in the mirror AT LEAST twice, my interest always lied in the Blue Baby Blue ritual. This weird obsession found me holding hands with my mom in her bathroom, repeating his name and searching for a blue crayon. (I honestly don’t know where I got this sh*t.)

Honestly, I think that I was a weird f&^king kid, but then again, not much has changed in the world, considering the newest demon summoning fad, #CharlieCharlieChallenge.

Not to be confused with the #KylieJennerLipChallenge, #CharlieCharlieChallenge is a cross between Bloody Mary and the Ouija board and as “urban” legend has it, will result in the summoning of a Mexican demon named Charlie who communicates by moving pencils. (If you ask me, this sounds much more far-fetched than Blue Baby Blue, but that’s just me.) Check out some of the videos of the ritual in action here. Weird, right?!

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The Independent has basically killed all fun in this game by outing the ritual as a simple result of gravity, but I’m on the fence. My 10 year old self will just have to try this one out on my own time.

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