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Vine 2

Vine 2

Source: Twitter

From Vine’s release to its termination I was obsessed with everything Vine.  Everything from Vine Stars, Vine news, up and coming Viners — and I was especially excited when I heard the top 20 Vine stars all moved into the same apartment complex on Vine St. in Hollywood.  The app — over its four-year lifespan — accumulated 200 million active users before it was acquired by Twitter.  It became the most used video sharing app on the market and, in 2013, became the most downloaded free app in the IOS app store. But to quote the ancient Chinese Philosopher Lau Tzu “The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.”

Now, I am not getting my hopes too high but Co-Founder Dom Hofmann tweeted out this picture last week:

This tweet could mean one of two things: he’s trolling the Internet for retweets and likes, OR Vine 2 might actually be in the works.  But one thing is for sure — I am beyond excited about the possibility of having another chance at becoming Vine Famous!

Posted By Kevin