Viral Parenting: This Mama Gloriously Meme’d Herself

When Taylor Hannon, a Fort Lauderdale teen, was out gallivanting recently with her friends, she received a text message from her loving and concerned mother asking if she’d make it home for dinner.

Taylor broke the news to the matriarch that she indeed was staying out late, and her mother Cheryl broke the Internet with her reply.

If you’ve taken a quick browse through Instagram or any of the media a la social lately, you’re sure to have seen the hilarious and on-point Evil Kermit meme that can’t stop, won’t stop.

In this graphic, a makeshift mirror image shows both a “good” and moral Kermit contrasted with a “bad” and rebel version of the green amphibian. Everyone’s favorite Muppet seeks to seduce us all with his dark, nefarious alter ego.

So naturally, Hannon’s mom decided to create her own Evil Kermit collage to guilt her daughter about staying out past curfew… and naturally, we’re all going bananas over it. Is anyone else repeatedly saying the “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!” line from Mean Girls in their head right now?


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Parenting #Goals: Achieved.

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