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Virtual Events Are Here to Stay

Virtual Events Are Here to Stay

Image Source: Accelevents

In addition to changing almost all of our daily habits (commuting to work on crowded trains and buses, wearing masks everywhere, forgoing most socialization), the pandemic has had a colossal effect on the event industry. If you attended any events this year, they were most likely held through a computer screen. While it was nice to be able to listen to noted speakers and schmooze with colleagues in sweatpants (business on the top, comfort on the bottom, amiright?!), going virtual changed the scope of events of every type, and things aren’t likely to change anytime soon. Before proceeding, I’d like to give major props to events professionals – it is NOT easy completely pivoting an event strategy with little notice and navigating uncharted waters.

In addition to the events pros, tech companies have been rolling out new features and adapting their platforms for the new reality of virtual events. Zoom, arguably the biggest success story to come out of the pandemic, introduced a new platform called OnZoom in October (in beta), which I like to think of “Eventbrite for virtual events.” It allows anyone with a paid Zoom account to host virtual events open to the public, from cooking classes and crafting to lectures, comedy shows, workout classes and more. Participants can search for events they are interested in, purchase tickets and attend, wherever they may be. With a seamless platform for selling tickets and promoting events, OnZoom looks promising for those looking to capitalize on the virtual event craze.

Around the same time, Amazon rolled out Amazon Explore, which allows you to virtually travel the globe and participate in local tours and experiences led by experts (trained and promoted by Amazon). Current experiences include a tour of Berlin’s historical landmarks, learning about bean-to-bar chocolate making in Costa Rica and exploring (and shopping!) Japan’s largest fish market.

With virtual events only slated to grow in 2021 (even if we do get back to some sense of normalcy), we are sure to see other tech companies following suit in making attending events easier and more enjoyable from our computers and phones. At this rate, we may never need to leave our homes again!

Posted by Erin