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A peek inside the Oculus Rift. Image source Oculus Blog

Nerds everywhere, rejoice! Virtual reality is not science-fiction lore or the stuff of museums anymore. Last week, Oculus VR announced that the first consumer version of their virtual reality head-set, The Rift, would be available in Q1 2016, with pre-orders available later this year.

The initial version of the Oculus Rift, which began as a Kickstarter product, sparked interest in developers seeking to incorporate the device into their applications or to create new, VR-centric ones. Since this initial backing, four iterations of the hardware have been released, and the company was bought by Facebook last year for $2 billion.

Last week’s announcement offers a major advance in the technology industry and sparked a big buzz of anticipation for consumers and tech geeks alike, but perhaps the most excited party is the Moms of Oculus employees. In fact, the best part of this announcement is arguably the slew of Facebook comments from tech-savvy mothers. Read below, where I’ve pulled out my favorite contributions to this important conversation:

thurs 2

Then a few comments later…

thurs 3

Then Krissy takes it to another level. Will play dates be involved if these two Mom’s coordinate?

thurs 4

Then Shayne chimes in to give the Oculus Moms the love they deserve…

thurs 5

And finally, these two goons put in a request for a little extra Mommy love to help their full-grown sons at the workplace…

thurs 6
Image source Facebook

I don’t know about these guys, but cookies at the office are a guaranteed distraction for me…

Heartwarming commentary aside, this is a big announcement for Oculus VR and Facebook, and congratulations are definitely in order. This consumer, however, can’t really imagine rocking this headset. I’ve been told, more frequently than you’d expect, that my head is unusually small. (Yup, it was measured at a party one time in college.) So my only question is… does it come in a petite?

Posted by Hillary