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Vodka Every Day!

Vodka Every Day!

Dirty. That’s how I like my vodka. Who knew there were additional uses aside from imbibing it!? So, if you prefer gin (blech) or refrain from alcohol consumption altogether, here are some other reasons to buy up the V.

Poison Ivy: For those of you who like to adventurously trek through unknown greenery, you risk the occasional poison ivy outbreak. Fear not explorers, slather on some vodka — some recommend 100 proof — instead of unappealing pink calamine, to calm itchiness.

Skip Laundry: The weekly laundry thing really gets in the way of my Sunday Fundays, so I was thrilled to learn of this great new way to freshen clothes. Just spritz some of the hard stuff on your favorite sweater, hang to dry, and you’re as good as a Dryel bag.

Keep Flowers Fresh: Nothing’s sadder than seeing a beautiful bouquet of flowers wilt into a pathetic smelly mess. Prevent this by mixing regular ol’ H2O with a few drops of vodka and 1 teaspoon of sugar and you’ll keep them alive longer. Just be sure to change the concoction daily.

Repel: I’m not talking people, although you may do that if you have V-breath. We’re talking mosquitoes. Load up a spray bottle with the house brand and use in place of Off. Trust me, you’ll smell better.

Don’t Get Peed On: If you’ve ever suffered from a jellyfish sting, you know the pain is bad enough to actually beg someone to pee on you (haven’t you ever seen that Friends episode?). What a crock! Pull out that handle you’ve been hiding in the cooler and splash the infected area to disinfect and soothe.

Shine: Forget the name brand shampoos that boast shine and sleekness. Save money and go generic — just add one shot of vodka (now here is where you splurge on the good stuff) to your bottle of shampoo, and you’ll have the shiniest hair in the world! Or at least your office…

Delay the Root Canal: So you need a root canal, or at least a filling? It always seems that no matter the dental emergency, you have to wait a few days for an appointment. Avoid the misery that comes with a toothache and swirl some vodka around your mouth. Not only will it disinfect the sore spot, but it’ll numb it a bit too. Just don’t swallow — unless you want to add a little tipsiness to the equation (which could totally help the pain, too!).

Give it a try, I know I will….with a dirty martini in hand.

Posted by Haley