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Wait… Blockbuster Is Still Around?

Wait… Blockbuster Is Still Around?

Image Source: YouTube

Over the course of the past two years, I’ve become a huge fan of John Oliver. Every Sunday night, I gleefully tune-in to his half hour HBO show Last Week Tonight to catch up on whatever nonsense occurred over the past seven days. My favorite part of Last Week Tonight is that they don’t solely focus on politics, which brings me to this – did you know Blockbuster is still around? Cool, me neither.

Much to my surprise, there are still THREE independently owned Blockbuster stores open and they all happen to be located in Alaska. Between shoddy WiFi and ridiculous weather (though at this point, does anywhere on earth have normal weather?), Alaskans have a harder time streaming digital content, so movie rental stores are still relevant to them.

So where does John Oliver come into play with all of this? Well, Russell Crowe – yes, that Russell Crowe – recently had an auction to celebrate his divorce (#HollywoodProblems), where he sold memorabilia from some of his most famous roles like Gladiator, Cinderella Man and Master and Commander. And what did Oliver do? He bought THOUSANDS of dollars’ worth – $78,258 to be exact – of props and costumes – and is giving it all to the remaining Anchorage Blockbuster location to help boost sales. Why? Watch the hilarious yet amazingly feel-good video to see for yourself. #Oliver2020

Posted by Allie