Walk of Shame(less)

Take a moment and reflect on the immediate thoughts that pop into your head when you open your eyes after a sleepover at a “man-friend’s” apartment. More specifically, think about the moment you are about to sneak out of bed and take that dreaded walk of shame.

Those thoughts are probably something along the lines of, “My breath must stink!” or “Walking home in these heels is going to be awful!” or, my personal favorite, “How am I going to explain a sequined dress that barely covers my crotch to the barista at Starbucks at 9 AM?!”

Well, ladies, you are in luck! No, we can’t cure your hangover, but we can get you back a piece of your dignity.

Introducing The Walk of Shame Kit, perfectly equipped with flip-flops, a backpack, sunglasses, pre-pasted toothbrush, sanitary wipes, and even a dress! Not sure how to leave things with your passed out Romeo? Don’t worry! The kit includes “call/don’t call” leave-behind note cards.

And just when you thought it really couldn’t get any better—a portion of the proceeds are donated to a breast cancer foundation. If anything can make a one night hook up go from shameful to shame-free, this would be it!

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