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Walmart’s Not Hot for Cosmo

Walmart’s Not Hot for Cosmo

It’s official, Walmart has lost their sex appeal (hear me out). They recently decided to pull Cosmopolitan magazine from their checkout lines at thousands of stores across the country. Sure, they’ll still sell it somewhere in-store— most likely in a seedy dark corner with the letters “XXX” in neon overhead, but why take it out of the checkout aisles at all? The amount of sex tips Walmart shoppers will be missing out on while they’re waiting to purchase their Kraft Mac & Cheese is just a shame!

The source on this life-changing information? The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE)— an organization that really doesn’t want to hear about the 15 different sex positions you can use to have better dreams. Their official statement:

As always, there is a great Twitter debate. Many are in full support:

While others are not:

I guess I must admit that when I was little, I remember secretly trying to read the covers of Cosmo as my mother had us wait on line. But if I hadn’t seen it on there, I would have seen/heard about it elsewhere. And to use the “Me Too” movement to push this agenda? I don’t know if I’m buying it. I understand that Walmart is a family-sensitive company, but is removing Cosmopolitan magazine from the checkout aisles really going to slow down the trend of women being treated as sex objects? Is that even what Cosmo does?

*Exhales exhaustedly thinking about 2018 so far*

Posted by Lexie