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Wanted: Husband for Household Repairs, Etc…

Wanted: Husband for Household Repairs, Etc…

I may own a tool kit (and a sweet power drill, woot woot), but that doesn’t mean I’m entirely versed in the language of “fixing stuff.”  While I hope to have a hubby of my own one day to handle day-to-day handiwork (provided my blogs on weird ass topics haven’t scared away every dude in spitting distance), for now I can rely on a slew of “rent-a-husband” services.  Fear not, commitment-phobes!  These surrogate hubs will caulk your tub, fix your leaky faucet and be on their merry way.  But don’t be fooled by this by-the-hour service – the for-hire guys are available purely for household repairs, not to satisfy your bedroom needs.

Someone may need to clue in the women of Tbilisi, Georgia, who’ve been mistaking the newly-launched company, A Husband for an Hour Limited, for a less-than-savory male escort operation.  According to owner Beso Mchedlishvili, women have been beating down his door in search of some good lovin’.  Ever the honorable businessman, Mchedlishvili informed the horny house broads that the men’s job description does not include, “providing affection.”

Guess the only things getting screwed in this arrangement are broken table legs.

Posted by Abby