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WARNING: This is Sad. You Will Cry. But it’s Important.

WARNING: This is Sad. You Will Cry. But it’s Important.

This video has been circulating the web over the past few days after it ran as an E:60 – a weekly investigative journalism show on ESPN. It tells the story of an amazing 10 year old boy named Logan Schoenhardt. Logan has been fighting off a brain tumor since he was a baby and is hands down the biggest Tom Brady fan around (you’ll see why).

What makes this video so special to me isn’t his love for Tom Brady – although it is unparalleled – but about what it made me realize. Of course, it makes me sad and it makes me so mad at how unfair this world is, but it also makes me realize just how important it is to live my life to the fullest each and every day. Especially during the holidays when it feels like a whirlwind of stress and emotion, it is so extremely important for me to remind myself to take a step back, look around and think about how much I take for granted. I bitch about getting up early and going to work, about finding time to exercise, paying bills and fights I have with my friends. But some people in this world are wishing and dreaming and praying to experience these “normal” things that I complain about. They want to have these things to worry about because it would mean that they are living a normal life – one that they might not ever have the chance to experience.

I’m so incredibly lucky that I have an amazing job that I love, I’m lucky my body is strong and able to support me and let me workout, I’m lucky I have a home, internet and TV that need to be paid for and I’m lucky I have friends that will fight with because they care so much about me and want me to be happy.

These stupid little things that I get worked up about mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. It’s how you live your life and make each day, each minute, each second count, because not everyone is lucky enough to have the chance.

People like Logan inspire me to be a better person. Although he looks up to Tom Brady for being strong, brave and his “hero,” what he doesn’t realize is that he is so much stronger, so much more incredibly brave, and a lot of people’s hero as well.

Posted by Ally A.