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Was 2019 the Year of Fast Food? marlo marketing fast food

Was 2019 the Year of Fast Food?

Image Source: McDonald’s via AdWeek

When we reflect on 2019 years from now, what will we remember? HBO’s biggest television show came to an end, an egg became the most-liked photo on Instagram, we almost saw inside Area 51… you know, the major news items.

But who would have thought fast food would take center stage for some of the most divisive, attention-grabbing headlines of the year?! In 2019, we saw Popeyes’ now-infamous chicken sandwich go viral, a chicken war ERUPT between major fast food chains, a hotel exclusively serving Taco Bell sell out in under two minutes, and a meatless Whopper from Burger King. Yep, fast food is definitely having a moment.

And while I’m sure the chicken sandwiches and plant-based burgers are worth the hype, you have to give major props to the marketers behind the campaigns attached to these headlines. Much of the buzz around fast food can be attributed to creative approaches to partnerships, social marketing and event activations. These brands challenged their customers to look at and engage with their product in new ways (The Bell Hotel & Resort, anyone?), and people responded.

Not to be outdone, McDonald’s has given us one more fast food story to close out the year with its very own branded gear from Golden Arches Unlimited. That’s right, McDonald’s now offers merch, showing us once again how fast-food chains pushed the boundaries in 2019.

What will be the talk of 2020? Whatever it is, you can rest assured that we will be on top of it, readers.

Posted by Kate