Watermelon #Winning

Watermelon is having a moment. As the most delicious summer fruit, I can’t say I’m surprised that this moment is happening, however, I am surprised by how it’s happening. Of course there are the normal seasonal trends like watermelon cocktails and watermelon snacks, but a new batch of watermelon-themed trends are wacky – and I’m kinda loving it…

First up is the watermelon hair-dying trend. Apparently, people don’t think eating watermelon or photographing watermelon is demonstrating enough affection for the fruit. So the ‘perfect way to celebrate the season’  is with this cool new do!












Photo Courtesy of Food & Wine

The next trend is a little more do-able (not to mention less permanent!). All it takes is 1) a watermelon and 2) a body. Once you have those, you’re ready to create your very own Watermelon Dress! These dresses are so cute and taking over Instagram with the hashtag #watermelondress. Here are some of my faves:











Photo Courtesy of Food & Wine















Photo Courtesy of Food & Wine












Photo Courtesy of Food & Wine

I just might have to go buy some watermelon and try this out for myself!

Post by Ally A.

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