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We Aren’t Producing Enough Vegetables For All the Vegans (Let Alone The Rest Of Us)

m. blog marlo marketing we arent producing enough fruits and vegetables for the vegans let alone the rest of us

We Aren’t Producing Enough Vegetables For All the Vegans (Let Alone The Rest Of Us)

Image Source: NPR

So, we all know by now that we, collectively as a species, are supposed to be eating more plants. Recently, though, I was shocked to discover that APPARENTLY the whole eating produce thing is about to get exponentially more difficult. According to a new study there are not enough fruits and vegetables on the planet for everyone to meet the World Health Organization’s recommendations for proper nutrition. So much for the whole “eat more plants” idea!

According to NPR, if we all ate the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables there would only be enough leafy greens in the world to feed about 55% of the population – and the number of produce-deficient folks is estimated to increase by one billion by the year 2050. At this rate, the only food left by 2070 will be the extremely over-processed corn and wheat products that live on the innermost depths of the grocery store shelves. Are these “cheap calories” enough to sustain human life on this planet? I don’t mean to get all end-of-the-world conspiracy theory on you, but the Global Nutrition Report has found that more people currently are dying from eating these types of foods on a regular basis than from smoking. Here’s what I’m trying to say: we are all going to die if we don’t fix something, and fix it fast!

There are a few things we can do: reduce food waste, decrease meat production to free up farmland for more produce, and educate people on the importance of eating healthier diets. Alternatively, we can just wait for global warming to take effect and pretty soon the entire expanse of Greenland, currently covered by a glacier, will be viable farmland for all sorts of veggies. As our population continues to grow, and we continue to have large families like it’s the 15th century and most won’t make it to adulthood, we need to do a serious re-evaluation of our food consumption habits. We can continue to educate people on the importance of plant-focused diets and the reduction of food waste, but we also need to sink some serious dollars into sustainability. What good are all of those plants if they aren’t sustainably produced?

On the other hand, as I have previously suggested, we could all just start eating insects.

Posted by Catherine