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We Can All Learn a Thing or Two From Le Petit Prince

We Can All Learn a Thing or Two From Le Petit Prince

For those of you who didn’t take High School French (looking at all my Spanish speaking friends here) you may be unfamiliar with the lovely story of Le Petit Prince, so listen up.  The novella was originally published in 1943 by a French aristocrat, writer and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupery and has since been translated into 265 languages and sold 145 million copies. Le Petit Prince is the tale of a pilot stranded in the desert (thought to be inspired by Saint-Exupery’s own stranding in the Sahara) who meets a prince who has fallen to Earth from a tiny asteroid no bigger than a house.  Over the course of his eight days stranded in the desert the pilot finds a common ground with the little prince as they both lament the lack of creativity present in the adult world. The somberly written tale is a fantastical work of literature so when I heard that the novella was being turned into a movie I was obviously excited beyond belief! Check out the trailer for yourself (don’t worry it’s in English)

The Little Prince – International Trailer 2 by Orangefr

The book and the film (at least judging by the trailer) speak to the danger of overscheduling, regime and the generally high-achieving attitude many people employ in their daily lives. Above all else, the story reminds us that “what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

So the next time you’re stressing about that email you just hit send on, getting to that next step in your career or personal life or checking off another box on your list of accomplishments you’d like to complete before “fill-in-the-blank” birthday remember – being a ‘grown up’ isn’t the fun part, it’s the journey that gets you there that’s worth remembering for a lifetime.

Posted by Gillian