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We Can Do It… In a Jumpsuit! marlo marketing. We Can Do It...In a Jumpsuit!

We Can Do It… In a Jumpsuit!

Image Source: THE GREAT. 

There’s a trend in our culture of revisiting classics — we see it in films (cue every Disney remake of your childhood favorites), automobiles (remember that newly re-released VW Beetle you prayed for on your 16th birthday?), and perhaps most frequently in fashion.

Fashion marketers use the cyclical nature of trends to bring back something from the past and make it relevant again. No, I’m not going to bring up the return of wide leg jeans or Dr. Marten boots (though both are currently very important to my wardrobe). The campaign I’m talking about is more timely, meaningful, and spot on with our cultural climate.

The marketers at Cotton Inc. just released a new ad campaign in partnership with fashion brand THE GREAT announcing a re-imagined Rosie the Riveter denim jumpsuit, just in time for Women’s History Month. *raises fist, flexes bicep* The campaign includes a video with an OG “Rosie,” Elowene Finzero, and shows the designers at Cotton Inc. and THE GREAT rethinking the iconic garment. See for yourself:

During WWII and for decades after, Rosie’s iconic “We Can Do It” poster and durable denim cotton jumpsuit became a symbol of resilience and hard work. The new campaign includes re-imagined “Rosie the Riveter” posters spotlighting successful women in American culture today, like Black Girls Code Founder and CEO Kimberly Bryant, soccer player Carli Lloyd, artist Barbie the Welder and architect Julia Gamolina. The posters read, “Cotton makes denim strong. You make it powerful.”

At a time when powerful women are being celebrated for their accomplishments, and especially during an election year, this campaign feels timely, strong and inspiring. And, not for nothing, I’m pretty sure I need this jumpsuit. Who doesn’t love a good power suit?!

Posted by Julia K.