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We love Skinny B*tches.

We love Skinny B*tches.

I just read the diet book “Skinny Bitch.” Yeah, yeah, I know. The book came out ages ago and I jumped on the bandwagon really late.  The reason I’m blogging about this now is because I can’t stop thinking about some of the excerpts from this book. The overall gist of “Skinny Bitch” is this – if you cut out caffeine, sugar, white bread, dairy, red meat, chicken and fish (here’s to a vegan lifestyle!), you’ll be on your way to being super skinny. Anyone notice how skinny Ellen DeGeneres is now? She went vegan, people!

One part that really got to me was where the authors give their reasons as to why we should stop eating meat. They included behind-the-scenes info from factory workers who describe horrible and unnecessary animal abuse. I’m not going to share the details (it’s just too upsetting to even go there) but it really made me angry. There are also sick and deformed animals that are still given to us to eat because they were approved to be slaughtered by some manager when they shouldn’t have been. In addition, these animals are killed at the moment when they are extremely scared and wound up. That can’t be good meat to eat either.

Did you know that the guy that created aspartame (think Equal) tried to get approved by the FDA eight times and kept getting rejected until a newly appointed FDA commissioner finally let it go through? Doesn’t that tell you that artificial sugars are unsafe and filled with awful chemicals that may be potentially harmful?

“Skinny Bitch” also makes a good point about drinking milk. Women produce milk to be able to feed (and fatten up) their newborns. Isn’t it funny how a woman stops producing milk after the baby gets to a certain age? That’s because, if you follow human nature and development, you’re supposed to stop drinking milk! You don’t need it and can get the calcium in other things like veggies. Cut out dairy products and you’re on your way to being skinny.

These are just a few highlights from the book that really got me thinking. Could I pull off this type of lifestyle for the rest of my life?  It would probably be one of the hardest things I had to do. Going out to dinner wouldn’t be too exciting anymore (salads, whole wheat pasta and soups aren’t exactly the entrees I lean towards), buying groceries would be like playing a board game meant for only MENSA members and getting energy the natural way (sans Diet Coke and coffee) would take some serious time. I want to do it. Not just to see how my body changes (I don’t care that much) but because, in the same way it’s important to keep your mind thinking in new ways, embracing a lifestyle that is so foreign from my own would be an amazing life feat.

Posted by Brianne