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Weapons of Mass Seduction

Weapons of Mass Seduction

We’ve all seen the seductive, can’t-take-your-eyes-off commercials featuring the bodaciously buxom models of Victoria’s Secret. And, by now, you must have all seen the ads for the new bombshell bra that launched a couple of months back.  I’ll admit that, as a small-chested girl, I was instantly intrigued by the promises of extreme…growth. Last week I finally gave in and succumbed to the lure of experiencing just a hint of this thing I had always heard my girlfriends speak of…cleavage.

First things first, this bra isn’t a bra. It’s two strategically-placed, firm pillows that you strap on to your chest. That said, I’m happy to say that I can forget about that surgical consultation appointment I’ve dreamt of since puberty passed me by, and instead create my own temporary hourglass. Talk about bombshell…hellloooo weapons of mass seduction! That promise of the instantaneous two cup size enhancement is a sure thing. And cleavage? Check, check check! But warning, be weary of giving out hugs for fear of a scene similar to that of Amy Poehler’s mom character in Mean Girls.

So for now forget about the scalpel and instead just go out to your nearest Vicky’s and choose your colored (or leopard or zebra or lace) weapon of choice to create your very own set of bombshells!

Posted by Shaina