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Rules on How to Be Classy, #1: Wear Underwear

Rules on How to Be Classy, #1: Wear Underwear

In a roundup of my favorite people to follow on Twitter, I included a little-known-to-me fashion bon vivant, @derekblasberg. Since then, I’ve realized that Mr. Blasberg is kind of a big deal — like, editor-at-large of Condé Nast’s big deal. Sure, editor-at-large is usually an inflated title reserved for socialites like Lauren Santo Domingo, whose ghost-written contributions to publications like Vogue are self-serving for just about everyone involved. Yet, sometimes the title reflects a little bit of greatness, not easily harnessed thanks to the at-large’s fabulous sense of wanderlust and refusal to be chained to a desk. Case in point: Derek Blasberg.

His first book, Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady, debuts this month (April 6, to be exact) as a collection of essays and illustrations aimed at the behaviors of young women. An updated version of How to Be a Lady, Blasberg’s guide includes invaluable advice on everything from style to etiquette. Just one gem: “A lady looks presentable at an airport. Those leisure jumpsuits are for at home. The airport is one of the last remaining places to meet eligible men who can afford to travel.”

In a sea of tramp stamps and Juicy suits, Classy stands to make its stylish, sophisticated mark.

[Though Classy is his first book, Derek also had his hands in Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s (quite brill, if I say so myself) fashion and art tome, Influence, as the editor.]

Posted by Amelia