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Wear Your Insta on Your Sleeve

Wear Your Insta on Your Sleeve

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Though Instagram may not seem “new” anymore, there is absolutely no doubt that it is still relevant. We have reached a point where a brand is not “in the know” if they don’t have an Instagram account. So, not surprisingly, companies are constantly trying to capitalize on the popularity of the photo-sharing app. You can pretty much print Instagram photos on anything nowadays – phone cases, magnets, postcards, and now, your SKIN.

Yes, newly-launched, Netherlands-based Picattoo allows you to order tattoos of your fave Instagram photos. For only $14.99/dozen (which seems fairly reasonable since they apparently ship for free worldwide), you can show off last week’s #foodporn on your arm (or leg, or wherever), or, say, wear a photo of your face ON your face. I’m not promising that that won’t provoke staring.

For now, you can only pull photos from your own account, so I guess that means I won’t be sporting photos of Blue Ivy on my bicep. But, that doesn’t mean pics of Lulu are out of the question!

Posted by Erin D.