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Wearing the Same Dress for 30 Days…Cool or Ew?

Wearing the Same Dress for 30 Days…Cool or Ew?

The Boston Globe’s man of style, Chris Muther, recently wrote a piece on Caitlin Gallagher, a woman who conducted an experiment to see if she could wear the same black Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress for 30 days straight. Obviously, I was intrigued. Certainly, an experiment that involves clothes and DVF represents my type of science.

Caitlin’s blog, “THE DVF EXPERIMENT,” details her rather humorous experiences while wearing the dress. If you’re a fan of the oh-so-classic wrap dress and its versatility, you’ll most definitely enjoy all the places Caitlin wears it during her 30 day experiment. From riding a motorcycle to attending a wedding, getting a lip wax to washing her dog, the DVF dress saw the good, the bad and the plain old ugly. Each day’s blog post is accompanied by comical photos of Caitlin’s little black dress in all sorts of places. Who know Diane Von Furstenberg’s signature creation could be so inspiring? They always say: wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you. I’d say it’s safe to say Caitlin made this dress come alive.

If you could choose one of your own outfits to wear for 30 days straight — what would it be? I suppose, much like Caitlin, I’d pick something black, simple and designer. If you’re going to be wearing the same thing for a month, it might as well be a brand name. Perhaps if Caitlin’s wrap dress was from Walmart, her experiment’s trials and tribulations wouldn’t be as amusing to read. I mean, Caitlin even got Diane Von Furstenberg herself to personally comment on the experiment…awesome.

Makes you want to run out and buy a wrap dress, doesn’t it?

Posted by Alyssa