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Weddings in the Time of Coronavirus

weddings coronavirus

Weddings in the Time of Coronavirus

Image Source: Mashable

It’s been over a month since social distancing and travel restrictions were put into place and so many businesses have taken astronomical hits. Take the $74 billion wedding industry, for one, which is largely made up of small businesses like photographers, florists, planners, DJ’s and the like. What happens when an entire industry relies on the gathering of people in celebration?

Witnessing friends and acquaintances forced to cancel or postpone their upcoming nuptials and deal with the stresses of informing all of their vendors and guests is difficult. The added uncertainty is this – even if we do get through this pandemic and restrictions ease up in the coming months, it’s optimistic to assume things will snap back to normal as quickly as they spun out of control.

It has comforted me, and many others, to see the creative ways folks have been handling the unexpected wrinkle in their wedding plans. Some are upending their plans for large celebrations with family and friends altogether, and are opting for small, intimate ceremonies at their homes or in parks with no more than a few witnesses (all six feet apart, of course). Some churches are accommodating weddings without guests so that people can continue their cherished traditions. One couple got attention for getting married on a NYC sidewalk outside of their officiant’s apartment window. And, of course, many are taking their wedding celebrations to Zoom and inviting their loved ones to watch from the comfort of their couches. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just issued an Executive Order to allow New York residents to obtain a marriage license remotely and allowing clerks to perform ceremonies via video conference. I think we can reasonably expect many states to follow suit.

It’s inspiring to see that so many are able to find the light among darkness, and remember the most important thing in these trying times – to keep people safe and healthy. So, if you’re getting married in the next few months and don’t want to postpone, bedazzle your face mask, charge up your iPad and definitely still wear the dress/suit that you planned on. It’s kind of badass to say you got married during an international pandemic, and it will certainly be a day you won’t forget anytime soon!

Posted by Erin