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What A Gas!

What A Gas!

‘Tis the season for Xmas tree roundups highlighting high-end retailers and hotels and their over-the-top holiday decor. However, this year’s most over-the-top (at least in terms of dollars spent), goes to none other than Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel, with a 40-foot tree draped in diamond necklaces and earrings. Weighing in at $11.5 million, it’s not too shabby for a bunch of Muslims. Also included in the reporting of this ostentatious ornamentation, is the debut of the world’s first ‘Gold to Go’ vending machine in the Emirates lobby…and I thought the Japanese were the forerunners in weird vending machines (ehem, live crabs: see here)!

From millionaire trees to gold vending machines, I was excitedly clicking sidebar link to sidebar link reading up on these fascinating displays of wealth, when thanks to GizMag, I was unexpectedly directed to an invention more intriguing and more valuable (at least in my book) than any amount of gold—fart neutralizing underwear! Yes, from the sublime to ridiculous, we’ve gone from baubles to bottoms, from sheiks to briefs. Developed by 4SKINS, the underwear incorporates odor absorbing fabrics to soak up offensive gases…skivvies that are flatulently functional and fashionable…now THAT’s what I call a Christmas Miracle!

Posted by Sam