What Happened to Blake Lively’s Instagram?…

In the world of celebrity social media, it’s a BIG deal when one decides to unfollow or delete a photo of their well-known significant other or bestie from his or her feed. So it’s no surprise that Blake Lively caused an UPROAR when she deleted all the photos from her Instagram feed (including her profile pic), unfollowed EVERYONE (except users with the name Emily Nelson) and changed her bio to “What happened to Emily?…”

Image Source: @blakelively on Instagram 

So why the sudden move? Well, it’s a genius marketing move for Lively’s upcoming movie, A Simple Favor. Also starring Anna Kendrick, the film is about a woman named Emily Nelson (played by Lively) who suddenly disappears. So, basically just like Lively’s IG account. Opening in theaters on September 14th, the movie’s trailer is the only post on Lively’s feed and has been viewed over 5.2 million times since being uploaded on May 2nd.

Kudos to Lively for getting really into character and being an open-minded “client” (;)) to agree to this stunt. As of this past weekend, her account was back to normal with all of her previously uploaded content, but with over 20.4 million followers (and growing), she ignited talk about the upcoming premiere and has a captive audience that will continue to follow her account for any new updates. Oh, and a pic or two of hubby Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t suck, either!

👋 … (SOUND UP!!!🔔🔊🔔🃏😁)

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