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What the Cluck?! marlo marketing colonel sanders lifetime

What the Cluck?!

Image Source: Lifetime via Eater

2020 has been one helluva weird year. Some would say it’s been the worst year ever. Global pandemic. Political implosion. Economic devastation. Freaking murder hornets. The list goes on. I mean, you know it’s bad when the Literary Review’s annual Bad Sex in Fiction Awards are canceled because the year has already endured too much bad (and yes, those awards are a thing. I didn’t know either. Thank you, United Kingdom). Yet amid all of the inexplicable and intolerable instances that have transpired in 2020, a dark horse contender has come to the fore as the true strangest occurrence of the year: Lifetime’s “A Recipe for Seduction” mini-movie featuring Mario Lopez as a steamy KFC Colonel Sanders (and yes, also a thing).

After getting over the initial shock that the trailer was not some demented SNL digital short, I had to hand it to KFC for coming up with an incredibly unexpected – and yes, totally unnecessary – marketing stunt. Whether you’re confused, bemused, or angered or by this this latest entry into pop culture, it is undeniable that this latest gimmick has at the very least succeeded in getting people talking about the KFC brand during the holiday season. Between this freaky film and the annual KFC Yule Log, it seems that Colonel Sanders is looking to continue churning out content to try to dominate the most wonderful time of the year…at least until enough people cry fowl.

Posted by Karen