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“What Will They Say About You?”

“What Will They Say About You?”

Image sourced from New York Times

The other morning, while doing my daily scroll through news feeds, social feeds and emails, I came across this article about Nike’s newly designed Hijab made for female Muslim athletes. In addition to the sleek design available in three neutral colors, the athletic-wear is designed to be pull on, light and breathable for the comfort and ease of all athletes. Nike is calling this Hijab the Pro Hijab, and will be selling it for $35.00 starting in the Spring of 2018.

Maybe I’m feeling extra feminist because of the recent International Women’s Day, but for some reason, this Hijab has gotten me very excited and optimistic about our world’s sense of inclusion and acceptance of other religions, races and sexes. I know things have felt a little… iffy (to put it lightly) politically recently. However, the movements, marches and outpouring of support is undeniable and heartwarming! The support shown by Nike, an American athletic-wear staple and huge $27 billion dollar company, by making such a prominent statement about Muslim female athletes reminds me to stay optimistic because small and large victories are being won every day!


Posted by Ally A.