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What Women Really Want marlo marketing

What Women Really Want

Image Source: Radian Jeans 

From fake pockets to pockets that are only large enough to fit a lip balm, women have been plagued with a shortage of storage options in their clothes for decades (we truly miss the saddle bag style of the 18th century). We have been relegated to carrying around cumbersome bags, the only advantage of which is that they work well as a sort of cattle pusher to move people out of your way in crowded places, such as the Red Line during rush hour. Well, someone heard our not-so-silent cry for help and has created jeans that not only have pockets, but have pockets that can hold more than one thing at a time! Rejoice!

“Where can I get these mythical pants?” you might ask. Well, nowhere yet, but you can pre-order them! Radian Jeans feature front pockets that are six inches long – they can fit a whole iPhone without any part of it peeking out the top. Just think of all the stuff you can fit in TWO pockets that size! In case you are still standing, you may want to sit down because the pocket magic doesn’t stop there — the back pockets have a secure flap, so if you feel like putting your phone back there you can do a cartwheel, or ride your bike, without worrying about your phone falling to its death on the pavement below.

I know that’s all the info you need to be convinced, but wait, THERE’S MORE! They’ve not only created the most innovative pants for women yet, but also the true unicorn of the pants universe – stain repellent white jeans, with deep pockets! If you’re the white pants type you’re well versed in all the various dangers that come along with your daring choice. What if you get a craving for chocolate? What if someone bumps into you while enjoying a glass of Brunello? What if you happen to get your period three whole weeks early (although I am not sure even these pants could help you there)?

The MIT minds behind Radian Jeans are clearly geniuses because they figured out that marketing things to women gets a whole lot easier if you’re making these things with features women actually want (although I could do without the floral print on the inside). If you still don’t believe that these are the perfect pants, just take a look at their Kickstarter, which raised over 16 times their goal in just 60 days. Clearly they have found a gaping hole in the market, which is key. My prediction: these jeans will basically sell themselves.

Posted by Catherine