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“Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.”

“Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.”

If you’re a Mean Girls fans you know the importance of October 3rd. If you’re not, please watch the movie before reading this post, or for those of who who prefer it cliff note style, here’s a short clip from the film to give some context:

Video Source YouTube

So naturally, the day has become known as Mean Girls Day. And the very smart PR/marketing team behind the Broadway iteration of the movie used it last week to launch ticket sales for the musical. In conjunction with the opening of tickets, Tina Fey (the brainchild of Mean Girls) also took to the streets in a pink food truck touting cheese fries – the food Queen Bee Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams) says she’s getting after she decides to not care about eating calories – to promote the musical. As a restaurant publicist, I obviously fan-girl over any way food is incorporated into a PR/marketing plan.

Video Source @MeanGirlsBway 

Tina Fey, if the show ever comes to Boston I’m expecting this truck to also come in tow. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Christina V.