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During the week that I’m writing this post, the world has already “celebrated” National Chocolate Day, National Cat Day, National Pumpkin Day, and National Oatmeal Day. And these are just the trends that popped up on my Twitter feed! I looked this up on (you’re welcome) and discovered the many more designations that aren’t capturing the digital world’s attention… For example, National Mincemeat Day and National Mule Day – I suppose it’s not really surprising that people everywhere aren’t eagerly tweeting photos of their mincemeat pie or Instagramming selfies with their pet mule.

Or maybe they are…

Anyway, I’m not against celebrating the little things, but do we really need a specified day to recognize it all? What happened to celebrating our love of chocolate every damn day? Why do I need to save the photo of my Barbie in her chicest outfit for March 9?  Why can’t Bunsen Burners light up our newsfeed whenever the mood strikes?

I propose we establish a #NationalWhateverTheFuckDay where people share WHATEVER it is they love on WHATEVER the fuck day they want. Except National Doughnut Day – that shit is sacred, and really the only way I can justify gorging on doughnuts.


Posted by Hillary