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What’s Poppin?

What’s Poppin?

There’s nothing I love more than a nice, big bucket of movie-style popcorn; artificially buttered, colored and salted. I always go for the jumbo size, with refills, because I never want to EVER brave that awful feeling when it seems as if I might run out. I also love stopping by movie theaters to pick up some popcorn and bring home to watch my favorite rotating shows – This Is Us and Grey’s. As unfortunate as it may be, however, it’s not always convenient (or healthy) to stop by my closest SuperLux to grab popcorn every other night. Sometimes I have to settle for the sad, home-made, slightly healthier version.

Or do I?

Sprint & Hulu have recently partnered up to reward Sprint Unlimited customers with eight limited-edition popcorn flavors inspired by the most popular shows currently streaming on Hulu. The idea behind this is to enhance the watching experience by aligning your taste buds with the topic of the show – almost creating a 4D-watching experience.

Food & Wine dishes a preview of flavors that customers can look out for:

This Is Us fans can expect their poppable snack to be extra salty, like the tears you shed watching week after week, while Buffy fans should get ready for popcorn with a serious garlic bite, to ward off those vampires, of course. Those who watch and love the FX comedy Always Sunny can look forward to popcorn that tastes like Philly Cheesesteaks made. Other flavors include a Seinfeld popcorn that tastes like nothing (for the show about nothing) and a Cheers-inspired flavor reminiscent of the beer and pretzels served at one of TV’s most iconic bars.”

Sorry AT&T, Verizon & Netflix, but Sprint & Hulu cornsiderably outdid you on this one.

Posted by Olivia