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What’s Your Coffee Identity?

What’s Your Coffee Identity?

Image Source BuzzFeed

If you know me, you know I’m a coffee addict. Start my day with a morning Dunkin’ run, then by mid-afternoon I’m craving a Starbucks latte, and a cup of decaf before bed a la my Keurig. Its baffling to me that at one point in my life I turned my nose up at the brew and couldn’t understand how my parents drank it every morning. Ah, what it’s like to be a caffeine-free child!

But anyway, I consider myself a self-proclaimed coffee expert. Although I might not know the difference between my macchiatos and my ristrettos, I do know that COFFEE = GOOD. And if you’re in the Downtown Crossing area I suggest heading over to Ogawa for some of the finest coffee I’ve tried in my 23 years of life 😉

However, one coffee shop that’s always remained consistent in my life is Starbucks. I know it’s a basic bitch staple, and I know New Englanders are loyal to their Dunkin’, but I’m a mid-Atlantic chick and living directly next to a Starbucks in college didn’t help.

So I was personally offended when I took this BuzzFeed quiz identifying which Starbucks drink I am. My result? Passion Fruit Iced Tea. Are you kidding me?! After all my dedicated coffee drinking I got a f’ing fruity tea?! No way. I was pissed. Needless to say, this quiz is VERY scientific and I might have to change my coffee shop preference solely on my result. Want to find out what drink you are? Find out HERE. But don’t be too upset when you get a hot chocolate.


Posted by Carli