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“What’s Your Name Again?”

“What’s Your Name Again?”

Image source AdWeek

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always suffered from extreme second-hand embarrassment. I can’t watch awards shows because I cringe during the acceptance speeches, I mute American Idol and start sweating when they step on stage, and I feel like I’m constantly shaking my head whenever I scroll through my Twitter feed. I was definitely that kid that giggled uncontrollably when people kissed on Saved by the Bell, and that’s kind of how I felt when I watched this recent viral video by fashion designer Wren Studio that had 20 strangers kiss on film. It got 38 million views in three days as people watched strangers meet for the first time and subsequently start making out.

The awkward small talk and nervous laughter had me hiding my eyes immediately – “you have nice eyes,” “can we turn out the lights?” “so do we just do this?” – but some couples were pretty cute, some sweet, and others were just simply gross. Too much tongue.

It was all adorable until news came out that this was actually a sneaky ad for Wren Studios’ Fall 2014 collection and all the strangers who appeared in the film were actors, models and musicians wearing the clothing line. Some viewers might feel duped, others might be impressed by this marketing ploy, but I just felt semi-relieved to know that the awkwardness was all just a professional act. Or was it…?

Posted by Amanda