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When I Dunk, You Dunk, We Dunkaroo

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When I Dunk, You Dunk, We Dunkaroo

Image Source: The New York Times 

Pluck your brows and don your best choker, 90’s babies — Dunkaroos are back! General Mills took to social media earlier this month to announce the triumphant, nationwide return of the addicting dippable cookies and mini tubs of frosting, which are slated to hit grocery store shelves this summer.

Although I was too busy being born in the 90’s to have a firm grasp on the magnitude of their popularity, Dunkaroos were a childhood staple for many until they were pulled from stores in 2012. General Mills explained their discontinuation as being due to a larger focus and investment in, “build[ing] out more of our healthy, nutritious snacking portfolio.”

Fans, including celebrities, have been asking for this revival for years, a plea which Dunkaroos smartly capitalized on in its social media marketing by retweeting Tyler the Creator and Kim Kardashian. They’ve also incorporated tweets that pander even more to 90’s nostalgia by shouting out Tamagotchi’s, Bop-Its, and AIM.

As we know, trends love to recycle themselves, and nostalgia marketing is at its peak. Scrunchies are back with a vengeance, shows like Friends are getting tons of love, and old school branding has become an “aesthetic.”

While some of us did live through the 90’s and have a relationship with these items, Gen-Z, born between 1995 and 2015, seem to be on board with retro trends making a comeback. A generation raised on social media, longing for a time when social media did not exist? The grass is always greener… but if they bring back low rise jeans, I’m out.

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