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When Shopping is Just Too Easy

When Shopping is Just Too Easy

Who’s to blame when $350 worth of toys show up at the front door: a cute, six year-old girl, or the accessory to the crime, Amazon?

Catherine Lunt of Utah realized that her daughter, Katelyn, was a little more sneaky, and tech savvy(!), than she thought. Either Amazon’s “Buy with 1 click!” button is way easier to push than usual, or this girl was determined to get herself a few extra Barbies and ponies to play with.

In return for doing a few extra chores around the house, Katelyn was being awarded with a brand new toy from Amazon. But, it wasn’t until Catherine had left her phone unattended in the middle of ordering, that Katelyn got away with more than she had bargained for!

When the huge shipment of toys arrived at the house a few days later, Catherine decided to turn an unexpected delivery into an even more unexpected donation to a local children’s hospital and teach her daughter a valuable lesson about giving.

Thank you for your generosity, Lunt family. It makes me so happy knowing that what could have been an amazon-ingly big mistake turned into an unselfish act of kindness!

Posted by Olivia