When Trends Go Too Far

I love me some LaCroix, ya know? I understand it’s trendy and all, but there’s just something about it that is truly wonderful enough that I don’t mind succumbing to our basic millennial desires by purchasing it by the case every week. I drink it daily with my lunch, mix it in cocktails and serve it to my guests, but do you know what I don’t love? I don’t love LaCroix enough to wear it on my bathing suit, that’s for sure.

In this episode of “whyyyyyyy??”, we visit a new line of LaCroix printed bathing suits for men and women. A potential upgrade from the horrific trend from 2001 where wearing a Corona branded bikini (or worse – monokini) was deemed cool, these LaCroix suits are available in short swim trunks (a la Chubbies) for men and one pieces for women.

Image Source: Eater

Not sure about you, but Pamplemousse is just not my color. Nevertheless, I’ll still be enjoying my LaCroix poolside.

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