When Worlds Collide, Internet Edition

Image Source: @FlyArtProductions

You know that feeling when you stumble upon something that is just totally and completely you? Well *cue angelic singing,* that’s what happened when I discovered the world of classical art memes on Instagram. Three of my biggest interests: art history, pop culture and dry humor, all come together on my favorite social platform — Instagram — to bring some quality #content to my feed. (Let’s be real, how many ‘grams of the Dior Saddle bag can a girl look at before she gets bored?!)

Image Source: @classicalartshit

From using Van Gogh to illustrate millennial anxiety, to putting rap lyrics on historically famous paintings, these meme creators have education to back their dark humor. I love when a joke has substance – makes me feel like my meme obsession is more high-culture than low-culture… (lying to myself? Yes).

Intrigued? Do yourself a favor and search the hashtag #classicalartmemes on Instagram, and consider yourself “cultured!”

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