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Ninety-eight million girls in the world between the ages of 6 and 17 are not in school.

As my girl Michelle Obama so eloquently says, “The stats show when you educate a girl, you educate a family, a community, a country.” Preach, girlfriend!

That’s right, she’s backkkkk and continuing to empower young women not only in the USA, but around the world. On October 11th, which just so happened to be International Day of the Girl, Michelle (we’re on first name basis, right??) revealed the Global Girls Alliance, created to “take action to help adolescent girls and the grassroots leaders working to educate them.”

According to Refinery29, a teenage girls dies as a result of violence every 10 minutes.

Let that settle.

In a #MeToo world where women are just beginning to feel empowered to share their voice, we need to support and encourage girls to speak up. Without education, we will never be equal to men, and if we’re not seen as equals, girls will continue to stay silent when men reinforce superiority. It’s a dangerous cycle, and while educating girls will not end violence, break the glass ceiling or change the world immediately, it will begin to give girls voices they never knew they had.

Michelle Obama, Oprah, Mother Teresa, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Margaret Thatcher, Malala Yousafzai. Imagine a world where these women did not have a voice.

It’s imperative that we educate girls and empower them to discover and use their voice – not just for girls, but for everyone. As Michelle says, “When girls get the opportunities they deserve, amazing things start to happen; poverty goes down, economies grow, families get stronger, and babies are born healthier. And the world, by all accounts, gets better.”

Let that linger for a while, then go out and empower girls to be their best, bad-ass selves, and maybe, just maybe, we won’t have presidents who brag about grabbing pu**ies, child marriage, 18 countries where a husband can prevent his wife from taking a job, countries forbidding women to drive, 32 countries where women need their husband’s permission to apply for a passport, a country where it’s legal for a husband to hit his wife for the purposes of “correcting” her (yup, that’s real)…the list goes on.

Thank you to women like Mrs. Obama who will continue to fight for equality, no matter how many times she’s told “no.” You’re an inspiration, a role model, and you give us hope that the next generation may have your class and smarts (especially if you run for pres…*cough* *cough*).

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