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Who Says You Can’t Have Fun With Your Food?

Who Says You Can’t Have Fun With Your Food?

It’s a Monday night and you’re at home, cookin’ up some dinner. You look down at your cutting board and think, “Meh. If only my cutting board were more exciting…Then I would be so much more eager to cook up deliciously nutritious dinners!”

Well my dear readers, your thoughts have been heard and your dinners are about to get a whole lot better. If your Etsy addiction wasn’t bad enough already, you now have even more reasons to shop! Designer Dave Stencil (do we think that’s his real name?), the man behind CuttingBoredom, has created a full catalogue of witty film and music inspired cutting boards that are sure to brighten up even the most unused of kitchens. All of his creations are handmade to order with the finest of walnut and maple wood and – more importantly – are sure to make you crack a smile when thoughts of making dinner are on the backburner. His custom categories include movie/music parodies, personalized engravings and more. While I fully encourage you to spend copious amounts of time scrolling through all of his impressive designs (*Cough. Non-work time, of course), I’ve included a peek at some of my personal favorites. Let’s play a game of guess that film, shall we?

Because at one point or another, the 6-fingered man haunted all of our dreams.

Sometimes the perfect dinner requires a little bit of magic.

Don’t be afraid to flaunt your belly shirt while you cook on this one.

Purchasing this cutting board is one decision that you won’t immediately regret.

Do you know what they call a cheeseburger in France?

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Ready, set, shop! Or should I say – chop! Your dinner guests will surely thank you.

Posted by Amy