Who Wears Short Shorts?!

Well, men and women can with the new JeanPants Underwear (…or if you’re like me, you can crawl under your bed and hide from these hideous things).

Described as “tight and chic,” these durable, Japanese-produced undergarments look like uber-short jean shorts, but in fact, are just really weird pairs of underwear. While most American men stick to boxer briefs or tightie-whities (I hope?!), apparently, these jean-inspired underpants have taken Tokyo by storm; is anyone else not THAT surprised by this? The website says that these will give you more confidence and panache; but if I ever unzipped my S.O’s pants to find JeanPants Underwear, I’d probably run in the other direction.

Taking the middle-aged man bathing suit to the next level does not exude sex appeal; it’s just plain, old disturbing.

Posted by Alyssa

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