A Whole New World(s)

E.T., phone home and tell them you’ll be back later because you’ve got more planets to explore! Well, NASA does anyways.









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Forty light-years away sits an ultracool dwarf star dubbed TRAPPIST-1. NASA recently discovered that the star has seven planets orbiting it, six of which are Earth sized. Scientists have even determined that the three exoplanets (planets not within our own solar system) closest to TRAPPIST-1 have the potential for water on their surface, meaning we may not be as alone in this universe as we think.

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But don’t go planning your trip to the new solar system just yet! Forty light-years from Earth is around 235 trillion miles away and, since warp speed has yet to be invented, all we can do is admire it from afar for now. Where’s Captain Kirk and the Enterprise when you need them, right?! Plus, with the TRAPPIST-1 system being 40 light-years away, it means that radio waves from the 1970s are just reaching them — and I’m not sure anyone is ready for the height of Disco again!

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