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As a restaurant publicist in today’s world, we deal with social media influencers and bloggers quite frequently. It’s just the way the world works. Folks are looking to these people, as much as traditional media, for recommendations on what to eat, wear, think… everything! It has the air of authenticity (if only people really knew…).

ANYWAYS, the recent story of Belle Gibson is a cautionary tale to everyone out there – don’t always believe what you’re told. If you’re not familiar, Belle is an Australian blogger and alternative health advocate. She is the author of the bestselling The Whole Pantry, a smartphone application and a subsequent cookbook. But her whole empire was founded on a lie. As supporting evidence to her alternative health philosophy, Belle toted that she overcame brain cancer through diet and controversial therapies.

Well, she never had cancer. And she never donated a significant amount to charities (like she said she did). She was just fined $410,000 for these lies. What goes around, comes around.

For more info on the scandal, read this. And remember, that authenticity influencers purport, well, it ain’t always what it seems!

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