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Why I Won’t Be Watching Kris Jenner’s Talk Show

Why I Won’t Be Watching Kris Jenner’s Talk Show

Image source New York Post

I’d like to have a talk with whoever at FOX decided to give Kris Jenner her own talk show. I understand that Kardashians boost ratings, but this is the most annoying, self-centered money-hungry Kardashian of them all (aside from Kim, maybe). Hearing this woman’s voice alone makes me cringe, nevermind looking at her overdone, Botoxed face for an hour.

Slated for a July premiere, Kris will cover fashion, beauty and celebrity trends (aka talking about her family and their multi-million dollar empire). Baby Kimye just made her grand entrance this past week, so expect an obnoxious baby-themed episode in the first few weeks.

If FOX wants my viewership, I recommend getting some drama-inducing guests on the show. My pick would be Kris Humphries. I can see it now: Kris Humphries on one side, Kanye on the other, Kim in the middle. Jerry Springer, Kardashian-style.

What do you want to see (or not see) from Kris?

Watch the promos here.

Posted by Erin