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Why I’m Avoiding sweetgreen Until February marlo marketing. Why I'm Avoiding sweetgreen Until February.

Why I’m Avoiding sweetgreen Until February

Image Source: Eater 

As we all know, ringing in a new year always comes with throngs of people hitting the gym to start their resolution game off strong. Imagine the panic on my face when I saw my favorite studios on ClassPass booking up more quickly than I run out of breath on the treadmill at Barry’s Bootcamp (note to readers: that’s very fast, as I hate running).

Along with packed gyms came equally long lines at salad chains on January 2nd, the first day back to work for many. Manhattan chains like Chopt and sweetgreen had lines of 100+ people waiting to order their leafy greens. Here in Boston, fellow marlo-ites experienced an hour long back-up for online orders.

So, thank you, next on sweetgreen in January. But don’t worry, my favorite salad chain — I’ll return to my #basic salad-eating self come February, when 80% of people are expected to have given up on their new year’s resolutions (not that I’m rooting for that..). Until then, my boring can of soup lunch will have to do.

Posted by Christina V